Call for proposals

EC funding for Industrial Teams within the HORIZON2020
Programme of the European Commission

Transnational Access to GANIL in the frame of the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme

International DEvelopment of gAnil-spirAL2

Grant Agreement no 730989

GANIL is an infrastructure supported by European Community through the IDEAAL contract in the framework of H2020-INFRADEV-2016-2017, for the period of February 1st 2018 to January 31st 2020.

This contract enables GANIL to finance beam time for new industrial experiments which would like to test the capability of the GANIL-SPIRAL2 facility, or test some new experimental conditions, before confirming their interest for GANIL-SPIRAL2 beams. The reimbursement of the travel and living expenses of users coming to carry out experiments during this period will also carried out by this contract.

This call is addressed to industrial users who work in a country other than France.


The contribution can be allocated to industrial users if they work in a Company established in a Member State or Associated State (excluding French Companies). To be eligible, the experiment must have a spokesperson from a Company of a Member or Associated State (excluding those from French Companies), and the majority of the users must work in a country other than France.

Only user groups that are allowed to disseminate the results they have generated under the action may benefit from the access, unless the users are working for SMEs.

The users will allow the Commission/Agency, the European Court of Auditoris (ECA) and the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) to carry out checks, reviews, audits and investigations, and in particular to audit proper implementation of action tasks.


The financial contribution covers (partly or completely) the travel and living expenses during the experiment at GANIL. Presently, the accommodation expenses are reimbursed on the basis of the original invoices with a maximum of 72,00€ per night (breakfast included). Each meal expense, during the stay at GANIL, is reimbursed on the basis of 17,00€ per lunch or 23,00€ per dinner. The travel expenses on the basis of the original tickets. The travel cost must be economic and realistic.

Reimbursement of the travel cost is regulated by the following rules:

• Economy class for air fares
• Users will have to produce evidence of their means of transportations (ie. Train tickets, place tickets, invoice…). Whenever they will choose to take a private or a rental car, they will be reimbursed on the basis of a train ticket second class + expenses of motorway toll. Concerning the subsistence allowance, day of arrival and day of departure are counted as one full day.

How to apply

The user groups must request access by submitting a written one-page description of the work that they wish to carry out and the names, nationalities and home companies of the users.

Proposals are to be submitted for new industrial experiments to test the capability of the GANIL-SPIRAL2 facility or test some new experimental conditions. Proposals are to be submitted by e-mail to

Information for industrial experiments at GANIL facility are available on the GANIL Website and the technology transfer officer, in charge of these experiments (, can also be contacted for the preparation of the experiment proposal.

The experiments will be selected by a selection panel. The selection panel is composed of international experts in the field. The selection panel will assess all proposals received and recommend a short-list of the user teams that will benefit from access.

The selection panel will base its selection on scientific merit, taking into account that priority should be given to user teams who have not previously used the facility.

The selected experiment spoke-persons will receive then information for the technical preparation of the experiment, the application form for financial support, and the documents for the access to the GANIL facility.