Work Package 1 – Management

WP LEADER: Sabrina Lecerf, GANIL

The WP1 – Management consists of the effective consortium management. It will coordinate all technical, scientific, financial, administrative, contractual and legal activities of the IDEAAL Project. It will oversee issues concerning science and society, and all other issues related to the activities conducted within the project. An appropriate management framework linking together all the project components will be implemented with an experienced and diverse management team and with the dedicated staff having all of the necessary skills.

Task 2
Studies and reporting
Task 3
Dissemination and Exploitation
of results
Task 1

Consist in the creation of a framework to optimize the administration and the financial management, prepare the Grant and Consortium Agreements, organise meetings
with the consortium and represent the project.

Task 2

Coordinate the reporting work and report submissions.

Task 3

Create and maintain a web site dedicated to IDEAAL, write a plan for the dissemination and exploitation of results and write a report of completed and planned
communication activities.