Work Package 4 – Innovation and Industries

WP LEADER: Marie-Hélène Moscatello, GANIL

The WP4 – Innovation and Industries will focus on actions towards industrial users and on actions on industrial valorisation and innovation. These actions will be of general interest. Access dedicated for new applications to the existing GANIL accelerators and to the new SPIRAL2 facility, proposal on involvement of industrial users within the GANIL organisation, general support for industrial applications and technology transfer, and for the increase of innovation potential for GANIL. Two specific topics will also be developed as they are subjects of dedicated R&D developments at GANIL: the technology and know-how transfer for beam profile monitors and the definition of a methodology for technology transfer for the production of radioisotopes. These will allow to test and improve the proposed organisational schemes.

Task 2
Industrial Applications and Technology Transfer
Task 3
Increase of innovation potential
Task 1

A study will be performed with a selection of industrial users (among those using GANIL and SPIRAL2 facilities) on the possible involvement of these
industries in the GANIL organisation. This study will include a proposal of a business plan for the industrial application activity at GANIL.

Task 2

Identify and map the industrial application potential of GANIL activities, define a general implementation method and launch the implementation of these
industrial applications.

Task 3

Study the possibilities of increasing the innovation potential of the GANIL laboratory.